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New York Employment Law Attorney Laurie E. Morrison Links

Attorney Laurie E. Morrison has appeared on numerous other web sites. Here are several links to sites where you might have heard about Laurie E. Morrison and her New York State Employment Law practice. lists Laurie in the New York Employment Lawyers section. You may see additional review information provided by other people on


Facebook Laurie's practice now contains a facebook page. Laurie includes new information and news via her companies Facebook account.


Cornell University Law School offers additional information on civil rights and employment issues that Laurie has covered in New York City. contains a brief list of legal practice areas offered in New York City by Attorney Laurie E. Morrison. is a comprehensive directory of attorneys and attorney services. They list Laurie's legal services offered including: Civil Litigation, employment law, discrimination, wrongful termination and more.

LinkedIn offers additional information on Laurie and her legal practice as well as a way to join her LinkedIn community.

MANTA now lists Laurie E. Morrisons New York legal service information.

LinkedIn site offers additional information on Laurie as well as her past, current, education and connections information.